Adam Smith
Owner of Adam Smith Construction, Inc
Laporte, MN

Because it’s an attachment I can carry it with me and don’t need two machines. I appreciate its durability and quality. It’s built well, the price is extremely reasonable, and it works really well for digging next to foundations. To be able to grab a stump while digging is excellent too. A real time saver in terms of maneuverability.

CEO of Intergrity Homes of MN.
Bemidji, MN

Has helped speed up installation of water and sewer lines. Very strong and well built. Works great for stumps.

Owner of Nodak Lodge
Bena, MN

Works great! Easily dug in water lines and backfilled. Handy for utility jobs and stumps too.

Vice President of C&M Contractors, Inc
Vernadale, MN

Twice as fast, if not more, for digging a trench than comparable outrigger-type backhoes for skidsteers. Has worked really well for land clearing and rock retaining walls. The thumb works great for stump removal. Excellent customer service. Can’t beat it for the money.

Owner of Skala Stump Grinding & Tree Service
Fosston, MN

Using the GrappleHoe with my tree service business has changed everything. It’s use when moving full size logs, trees, and brush has cut my work in half. It has let me expand into new areas of trenching water and sewers. Nothing I have found is built or works equal to the GrappleHoe.